Patient Advisory Group (PAG)

Lay members working with SoR and CoR

Who we are

We are a friendly group of people who have personally experienced diagnostic imaging services or have had radiotherapy or other treatments delivered by radiographers. We might also be carers or relatives of people who have accessed radiographic services and have an interest in influencing the standard of care. We all have a voice and our views matter to the Society and College of Radiographers. 

What we do

We are a small group who get together with Society and College representatives to write and review publications that influence and support the radiographic workforce. 

The group enables the Society and College to meet its strategic objectives:

  • Ensure the patient voice is integral
  • Be informed by the voice of the patient

Within the Society and College, PAG members provide lived experience and input to publications, consultation responses and evolving strategy through co-production.

Together we promote patient, public and practitioner partnerships in diagnostics imaging and radiotherapy.

If you are interested in finding out more please contact Liz Robinson [email protected].

Meet the members

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