Working in partnership with patients

Explore the work of our Patient Advisory Group (PAG)

Our Partnership

The overall objective of the College of Radiographers is to advance the health of the public by ensuring the development of the radiographic profession. We do this by working in partnership with patients and the public via our Patient Advisory Group (PAG). 

Patients are central to the work of all those in the radiographic workforce. By working with the PAG and wider public, we ensure the services we provide meet the needs of everyone. 

Introducing the PAG

The PAG is a friendly group of people who have personally experienced diagnostic imaging services or have had radiotherapy or other treatments delivered by radiographers. 

Members might also be carers or relatives of people who have accessed radiographic services and have an interest in influencing the standard of care. 

'We all have a voice and our views matter to the Society and College of Radiographers.' Philip Plant, PAG Chair  

PAG Objectives

The group enables the Society and College to meet its strategic objectives:

  • Ensure the patient voice is integral
  • Be informed by the voice of the patient

Within the Society and College, PAG members provide lived experience and input to publications, consultation responses and evolving strategy through co-production.

Together we promote patient, public and practitioner partnerships in diagnostics imaging and radiotherapy.

If you are interested in finding out more, please explore this section or contact Georgina Hylton.  

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the PAG?

    Patients are at the heart of everything radiographers do, so it is important that the Society and College of Radiographers work with both patients and the public to ensure diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy services meet their needs.

    The group was set up in 2007 to give patients the opportunity to influence the work of the Society and College and to ensure their views are represented.

  • What does the PAG do?

    PAG members collaborate with Society and College representatives to write and review publications that influence and support the radiographic workforce.

    The group provides opinions, input and support to various aspects of the CoR’s work, including its publications, consultation responses and strategy.

    The PAG also contributes to some working groups and boards that are organised by the CoR, SoR or other external organisations.

  • Who can become a member of the PAG?

    Membership is open to anyone not currently practising in the radiography workforce. 

    We welcome people from all backgrounds and from anywhere within the United Kingdom. All we ask is that you bring your voice and share your views with us. 

    You do not need any particular qualifications but basic IT skills are very helpful.

    Membership of the group is for a period of two years, which can be renewed for a further two years.

  • How often does the group meet?

    The PAG meets in person once a year at the SoR | CoR headquarters in London, and three times a year virtually, via Teams. Between meetings and throughout the year the group communicates electronically.

    All travel and subsistance expenses for group meetings are paid by the CoR in line with our expenses policy.

  • How can I join?

    To find out more about the PAG and how to join, please email: Georgina Hylton

    Please include a few lines detailing your experiences and explaining why you would be interested in joining the group.

  • Radiographers: Why is it important to encourage your patients to take part?

    We need our patients and the public to share their experiences and views to enable us to learn about services and develop our practice. 

    The healthcare landscape and structure has changed over recent years and is now more focused on patients and empowering them to share in decision making (‘No decision about me, without me’). It is important that patients are involved in all aspects of the healthcare service, which includes the work, policy and strategy of the professional bodies.

    Please encourage your patients to join this group if you feel the PAG could benefit from their views and experience.

    Further information about this group and how patients can join is available by emailing Georgina Hylton. (If you are interested in joining, please note it would be helpful if you could share a bit about yourself and your interests.)

  • Radiographers: Patient, Public and Practitioner Partnerships within Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy Guidance

    The patient voice is gathering momentum in UK healthcare. Are you up to speed with how to improve your organisation's communication with patients and the public to better meet their needs?

    The CoR has published two important guidance documents: