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The College of Radiographers (CoR) works to ensure that all UK programmes of education and training related to the radiographic workforce are of high standard

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In This Section

CoR Programme Approval

The College of Radiographers works in partnership with clinical and academic departments, external organisations and individuals to ensure that programmes of education and training related to the clinical imaging and oncology radiographic workforce, maintain, and continue to develop the highest standards of clinical imaging and oncology practice and conduct.

Wherever possible, the College’s approval and accreditation framework works within existing internal approval and quality assurance arrangements of education institutions and clinical departments. It also aims to work collaboratively with external bodies to provide a streamlined and integrated process.

Through the approval and accreditation framework the College:

  • Secures consistency of standards of clinical imaging and oncology education.
  • Aligns standards of clinical practice with the profession’s Education and Career Framework (2022).
  • Supports and encourages the development of courses that are at, and remain at, the forefront of education and developing clinical imaging and oncology practice;
  • Promotes and supports flexibility in the design and delivery of education and new roles in practice.
  • Disseminates guidance on best practice in clinical imaging and oncology education and practice.

Courses leading to qualifications and/or credits

The College of Radiographers can approve UK and international education programmes which lead to undergraduate or post graduate qualifications and/or credits. These include:

  • Programmes not leading to eligibility to apply for registration as a Radiographer e.g. those leading to voluntary registration as a CoR Accredited Assistant Practitioner. For example: DipHE, FdSc Imaging Science,
  • Pre-registration programmes, including apprenticeships (undergraduate or postgraduate). For example BSc (Hons) Radiotherapy, BSc (Hons) diagnostic Radiographer degree apprenticeship, MSc Radiography Pre-registration.
  • Post-registration programmes including those leading to CoR accreditation as a Practice Educator. For example PgCert, PgDip, MSc

Short courses

Short courses are designed to provide opportunities for individuals to update their knowledge and skills and may also assess and confirm competence. 

The document, College of Radiographers Short Course Approval contains further information and about the short course approval process and can be downloaded from the bottom of this page.

  • Short courses may be offered by UK or international education institutions, equipment manufacturers, commercial companies, clinical departments etc.
  • It is unlikely that a short course would contribute academic credit and as such is unlikely to make a significant contribution to a postgraduate award.
  • There may be assessment associated with the course but there is unlikely to be a prolonged period of study.
    For example: Intravenous administration courses and dental radiography courses.

Short courses or individual modules not leading to an award but conferring competence, such as intravenous administration courses, may apply for approval; these approvals will be undertaken using the course documentation. The assessor can email/telephone the education provider if they have any questions. Please ensure that you give accurate contact details for those not working from their normal place of work.

Applying for CoR programme approval or re-approval of a programme 

If you are planning to start delivery of a new programme or wish to seek re-approval for an already CoR approved existing provision you will need to:

  • Apply via website and a provide purchase order, if you haven’t already and if applicable-Existing providers should check the cover of your CoR fees package with us.
  • Provide details and dates of the approval event.
  • Provide all documentation for the event to the CoR for initial checklist review*.  A full pre-registration list checklist is available here
    *All documentation, including placement documentation and agreements, must be provided to the CoR no later than 12 weeks ahead of the planned approval event date.

Once an approval request and purchase order have been received, an onboarding meeting will be initiated with our Professional Officers for Education and Accreditation which will include an overview of the CoR approval process, what to expect and next steps.

Currently, new providers will be required to hold a face-to-face approval event, including visits to clinical sites.  It is the responsibility of the education provider to organise transportation to and from any sites located away from the main campus building.

For approval and re-approval events with existing providers, these must be held virtually.  Virtual events must still include discussions with all relevant stakeholders as expected from a face-to-face event.  Further information will be provided at onboarding.

Following CoR initial review of programme documentation, education provider documentation may be shared with the appointed CoR assessor(s) via a Teams or SharePoint site for accessibility as set up by the education provider.

Please note it is the responsibility of the provider seeking CoR approval to ensure all submitted documentation is true and accurate.  This includes information and signatures concerning relevant third parties as required in the documentation.  Where misrepresentation is found the College reserves the right to cease further progression of the approval/re-approval.

Approval Extension Requests

Situations may arise where a programme team may wish to apply for an extension to their current approval period. Submit a request via email on letterhead paper addressed to the Chair, Approval & Accreditation Board.  This will be reviewed at the next Approval and Accreditation Board meeting.  

Extension requests will only be considered where a rationale is provided for the request AND confirmation of no changes to the approved provision is included within the extension request letter.  All requests must be made prior to the end of the current CoR approval period.


Making changes to current CoR approved provision.

Once a programme has been awarded CoR approval, any planned changes to the approved provision must hold CoR approval also. 

All planned changes must be presented to the CoR Change Panel prior to implementation.

This includes planned changes to placements regarding student numbers and/or new placement sites.  These must be submitted to the Change Panel via the Change Request Proforma for initial review.

The Change Panel will determine if the planned changes are major or minor in nature; Minor changes may then be implemented without further full CoR approval, subject to additional information requests.  Major Changes may require a full approval of new changes or re-approval of the programme. Further guidance can be provided upon request. 

Changes to programmes include:

  • New placement site(s)
  • Increase in student numbers to an already CoR approved placement site
  • Module changes
  • Changes to assessment
  • Changes to programme delivery models
  • Campus relocation

Complete the Change Request Proforma and submit via email to [email protected].

The CoR Change Panel is convened monthly.

Other Information - programme approval

All approvals must be ratified by the Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB) and College Board of Trustees. Please see the AAB page for details of the dates these boards convene.

The CoR reserves the right to close or suspend any approval where the duration of the approval process is beyond a normal and reasonable timeframe.  This is to ensure reviewed documentation and associated paperwork is current and up to date in relation to the programme planned to be delivered. Where an approval event has been held, but there is outstanding documentation, or further information or response is required from the education provider these requests must be acted upon in a timely manner to prevent approval closure.

Please review our Privacy statement below.

Details of approval fees can be found here.

A list of approved pre-registration programmes can be found here.


Ultrasound courses

The College of Radiographers is a member of the Consortium for the Accreditation of Sonographic Education (CASE).  You can find further information about ultrasound education and accreditation here and also a flowchart in the document download box toward the bottom of this webpage.


CPD Now endorsement

CPD endorsement can be provided for study days, tutorials, education events and e-learning materials. Applications for endorsement should be made via CPD Now. Further details are provided here.


Approval and Accreditation Board Annual Reports

We have all AAB Reports available for viewing via the CoR Document Library which can be found here.


Privacy statementThe College of Radiographers will use any details provided for purposes associated with CoR Programme Approval such as processing requests, education, administration, quality monitoring and evaluation and promotion. Our lawful basis for processing your information is your consent. Some of your information may be shared with the Society of Radiographers, the HCPC and/or other relevant regulatory bodies. We will retain all information you submit for the duration of the approval period. Thereafter, your information will be retained as verification of your submission and for reference in relation to the CoR Approval process.. For detailed information about how we use your information please see theSoR Privacy Policy, you may contact the Information Commissioner’s Office ( if you have concerns.


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