CoR Research Strategy 2021 - 26

Aiming to deliver research-based practice in radiography

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In This Section

Research based practice

The CoR has published a new research strategy, spelling out how we plan to help radiographers deliver research-based practice over the next five years.

Our 2021-26 strategy presents three key aims:

  1. To embed research at all levels of radiography practice and education.
  2. To raise the impact and profile of radiography through high-quality research focused on improving patient care and service delivery.
  3. To expand UK radiography research capacity through the development of skilled and motivated research-active professionals.

This edition will be the start of a new way of showcasing the strategy, moving away from one large reference document to make it more accessible to all stakeholders, including an infographic and a series of online articles for different audiences. 

The strategy will be updated regularly to reflect any changes over the next five years so it becomes a ‘living’ strategy.

Strategy infographic 

CoR Research Strategy Infographic 2021 - 2026

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Research developments 

Dr Ruth Strudwick, chair of the Society of Radiographers Research Advisory Group, said: ‘In the past five years there have been considerable developments within healthcare and healthcare research. We are still in the middle of a global pandemic, which has influenced all our lives. However, we are in a stronger position as a profession, with more radiographers working towards and gaining doctoral and masters-level qualifications.

‘Since the publication of the fourth research strategy in 2016, the CoR has commissioned work on patient and public partnership, which resulted in the Guiding Principles for Patient, Public and Practitioner Partnerships document. This places research as a key aspect of service user involvement.

‘All patients undergoing diagnostic imaging or radiotherapy deserve evidence- based practice. This updated research strategy supports the radiography profession in delivering research-based practice over the next five years.’

The strategy document acknowledges that Covid-19 has forced most ongoing research to pause or stop altogether. However, it also points to the prompting of new learning and research opportunities as one of the more positive outcomes of the pandemic.

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