Claire: mature student

Claire Carter is a diagnostic radiographer at University College Hospital in London. Previously a graphic designer, she decided on a career change because she wanted to do something more meaningful and worthwhile. “I was keen to be part of a caring profession and I’d always been interested in biology and anatomy,” she says. “Radiography seemed the obvious choice.”

Claire was accepted onto a three year degree course at City University and began studying four months after the birth of her second child. “It certainly wasn’t easy studying with two very young children but I was determined to make it work,” she says. “At first it was mainly the tiredness that affected me but I made sure I was very organised and allocated time to meet my deadlines and put in the hours of study.”

Claire qualified with a first-class degree with honours and was the proud recipient of a clinical prize for best diagnostic student. “It was an excellent feeling to win because it was totally unexpected. But I did put a lot into the course because I’d invested so much in the process – I was determined to make it work and gave it everything I had.”

Now looking forward to getting the first year under her belt, Claire is planning to start training in reporting, with a view to becoming a superintendent in A&E.

“There are so many ways to progress your career in radiography. I’m really excited about what the future holds.”

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