Formal Radiography Research Mentoring (FoRRM)

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FoRRM (Formal Radiography Research Mentoring) is a mentoring scheme created with the overarching aim to increase research capacity and quality in radiography, as well as to offer a formal way to support future research leaders. It is funded by the Society and College of Radiographers.

Started in 2015, the scheme offers one-to-one research mentoring between experienced radiographer research mentors and radiographer mentees with a clear commitment to a career in research, as documented in their mentee selection survey.

The pilot version of FoRRM originally had 12 mentors and mentees and ran for eight months. FoRRM 2 is running for longer (12 months) and has 17 pairs, offering more opportunity for research synergies and support. Many changes have happened, based on mentor and mentee feedback.

Please spend some time reading more about the scheme in the updated FoRRM handbook, which you may find in the download section below.

The results have been overwhelmingly positive from the pilot FoRRM. For more information on the outcomes of FoRRM1, please refer to the Powerpoint file in the download section below. Also you can read the blog of one of our previous FoRRM mentees, talking about her experience.

Please see the brief video which features Debbie Jones, a practice educator radiographer, and Phil Mowlem, advanced practice reporting radiographer, discussing  Formal Radiography Research Mentoring (FoRRM) and how the scheme can enhance patient care, career development and advanced practice. Phil is a former FoRRM mentee from the 2017 cohort.

We wish you a very pleasant learning journey,

Many congratulations and welcome to FoRRM2!

On behalf of the FoRRM steering committee.

Dr Christina Malamateniou
FoRRM Steering Committee lead
Postgraduate Programme Director (Radiography)
City, University of London

2019 FoRRM mentors

Dr Carole Burnett, University of Leeds
Dr Phil Cosson, Teeside University
Dr Andrew England, Salford University
Professor Maryann Hardy, University of Bradford
Dr Stuart Mackay, University of Liverpool
Dr Marius Mada, Cambridge University
Dr Sonyia McFadden, Ulster University
Professor Julie Nightingale, Sheffield Hallam University
Dr Desiree O’Leary, Keele University
Dr Angela O’Neill, Belfast Cancer Centre
Professor Heidi Probst, Sheffield Hallam University
Professor Bev Snaith, Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust and University of Bradford
Dr Yat Tsang, East and North Hertfordshire NHS Trust
Dr Sophie Willis, City, University of London
Dr Nick Woznitza, Homerton Hospital and Canterbury Christchurch University
Dr Christopher Wright, University of Exeter
Dr Marios Yiannakas, UCL

Previous FoRRM mentees acting as advisors

We are grateful to the following mentees who volunteered to help:
Mr Philip Mowlem ,Poole NHS trust
Mr Mark Warren, University of Liverpool

2019 FoRRM mentees

Sophie Alexander
Martin Baker
Stella Campbell
Andy Creeden
Marie Claire Flavin
Grainne Forsythe
Lisa Hay
Deborah Jarvis
Jackie Matthew
Kerry Mills
Scott Robertson
John Sahibbil
Amal Salah
Heather Smoldon
Curt Strangward
Amy Taylor
Carlo Vitale

FoRRM 2019 Steering committee (and roles)

Dr Rachel Harris, SoR, (support letters for line managers, escalation of concerns)
Dr Christina Malamateniou, City, University of London and KCL (general information, reflective accounts and evaluation)
Professor Karen Knapp, University of Exeter (no fault close cases)
Dr Fiona Mellor, AECC and Poole Hospital NHS Trust (mentoring contracts)
Dr Rob Appleyard, Sheffield Hallam University (change of circumstances notifications)

Dissemination from this mentoring scheme

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