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The Society of Radiographers regularly receives requests for assistance to share research surveys, details of research in progress etc. with membership. The requests commonly seek participants for that research. SoR currently has policy in place that while seeking to support research in the profession, there is also a need to conform to data protections legislation.

General policy is that:

  • In cases of CoRIPS-funded research or accredited representative research on work issues, for example in collaboration with NIHR, HEE, NHSE&I or equivalents, the SoR research lead and knowledge manager will assess on a case by case basis.


  • The SoR will not pass personal data about our members or other contacts to the researcher unless we have explicit permission from the members or contacts concerned;
  • The SoR will not design, host or analyse external online surveys;
  • Due to the large number of requests we receive at the SoR to circulate out research surveys to our members we are not in a position to help in that way for general research surveys.
  • An alternative option for the researcher is to select departments randomly (from Binley’s directory, for example) and contact them directly.

Further to that policy, SoR will now offer the use of a webpage for members to:

  1. log their contact details,
  2. provide a short overview of ongoing research projects and  to call for interested participants to contact that researcher (if required).

SoR offer this page with the strict understanding that inclusion on this web page does not mean that the research has the specific endorsement of SoR.

The SoR has not reviewed the research listed, nor checked methodology, methods, ethics etc. Members are reminded that potential participants must be offered that full information and be reminded of their right to withdraw from research at any point of the process.

To add information please contact [email protected] with a completed form for live member research (word document available below).  Page last updated 30 September 2022

European Federation of Radiographers Societies (EFRS) Research Hub

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