Research Special Interest Groups

(Last updated 5 July 2021)

Research and Clinical Trials Radiographers (RaCTR) Specialist Interest Group

The group is composed of Therapeutic Radiographers working in research and clinical trials roles across the UK. An increasing research workforce necessitated a specialised network for support and sharing best practice.


  • To share knowledge, information and best practice advice amongst the network
  • Information exchange on training opportunities, events, study days
  • To act as a horizon scanning for potential trials.
  • To provide support for workforce development of therapy radiographers and student therapy radiographers.
  • To provide a forum for clinical discussions around current issues.
  • To gain accreditation and raise of profile of radiographer working in research and clinical trials.


The group meets three times a year across the North, Midlands and South on a rotational chair basis.

The site has a Google group which houses all documents, meeting minutes and discussion forums; once you have registered your interest for the group the link to this will be sent to your email.

If you are interested in joining the group please contact Amy Taylor  

SCoR officer: Dr Rachel Harris


Diagnostic Research Radiographers (DRR) Specialist Interest Group

This special interest group is composed of Diagnostic Radiographers working or interested in research and clinical trials roles across the UK. After identifying several diagnostic research lead radiographers across the UK, it became apparent that a supportive network for this role would be beneficial, and therefore the DRRSIG was begun in January 2020.


Although the group is currently in its infancy, our aims and objectives are clear:


·         To share knowledge, information and best practice advice amongst the group

·         To maintain an information exchange regarding training opportunities, events, study days etc.

·         To provide support for the workforce development of diagnostic radiographers exploring or pursuing a role in research.

·         To share and discuss current issues and difficulties surrounding research in a diagnostic setting.

·         To help encourage and initiate collaborative research opportunities

·         To raise the profile of radiographers working in research and clinical trials.

The group aims to meet twice a year across the UK, with the first meeting to be set in the near future.

The group has a Facebook Group called “Diagnostic Research Radiographers” which you can join to keep up to date with training opportunities, discussions and study days, as well as the progress of the group. Membership is free, so if you are interested in joining, please request to join the private Facebook group.


For those who are not Facebook active, please contact [email protected] 

SCoR officer: Dr Tracy O'Regan


Qualitative Research Specialist Interest Group 

This group was launched on Tuesday, 14 January 2020 at the Society's London offices.
Organised by Dr Jane Harvey-Lloyd, associate professor at the University of Suffolk, the Society's professional and education manager and research lead, Dr Rachel Harris, introduced the day and Dr Fred Murphy from the University of Salford was an invited speaker. During the meeting, the terms of reference and future development of the specialist interest group were discussed. Further information will be added to this page as the group develops.
For further details please contact Jane Harvey-Lloyd

SCoR officer: Dr Tracy O'Regan