CoRIPS research grants

The College of Radiographers' Industry Partnership Scheme (CoRIPS) provides industry with the opportunity to collaborate with the Society and College. Industry partners kindly provide financial support for research and educational projects.

The College of Radiographers expects that from the very first stages (of research proposal development) there must be Patient and Public Involvement.

CoR recognise that the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Pandemic has implications for our research communities, especially those situated in clinical practice. SoR members must of course prioritise patient care and frontline services at this time. We will work with patients, public and practitioners in partnership to support evolving needs in the coming months. Members are welcome to progress CoRIPS research if possible, however, CoR understand that there may be delays and amendments to plans. We do expect that there will be some delay to current work in the areas of research and innovation that are not directly related to Covid-19. However, the National Institute for Heath Research (NIHR) has published a Framework to support the restarting of research paused due to COVID-19. Developed in partnership with multiple stakeholders and the devolved nations, the Framework provides a flexible structure for local decision-making: 

Further resources are available on the NIHR ‘Restarting research’ page, including links to previous updates, examples of best practice and resources to help reassure patients that it's safe to get involved in research.

CoR and SoR enquiries can be directed to [email protected] thanks.

(Page and links last updated 30 June 2021)