How do I become a radiographer?

If you like the idea of a varied job that lets you work closely with patients, technology and a large medical team, then it’s time to consider the practicalities.

It’s important to explore both disciplines – diagnostic and therapeutic – before deciding which to study. Some departments and centres hold open days for members of the public who would like to be shown round. Why not contact your local hospital's imaging or radiotherapy department to find out whether any open days are scheduled, or whether they'd allow you to visit on another day? It's a great way to get a ‘feel’ for the environment. Ask to speak to the Practice Educator or the radiographer with a lead responsibility for students.

Many universities require you to have visited an imaging or radiotherapy department before they will accept you onto the programme. If you’re having difficulty arranging an observational visit, your chosen universities should be able to help. Contact the diagnostic or therapeutic radiography admissions tutors directly and ask for their help.

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