Veena: Clinical Learning Facilitator

Veena Patel says that the journey has been challenging but thoroughly fulfilling!

She first qualified in 2001 and started working at the Leicester General Hospital as a “shy, quiet but conscientious ” radiographer.

After two years in plain film imaging, she gained confidence and decided to specialise in intervention and angiography Screening. Veena gained a variety of experience in different imaging modalities such as theatre work and fluoroscopy.

She progressed into a post at the Leicester Royal Infirmary and realised that one of her strengths was supervising and training staff. As a Senior Radiographer she was able to pass on her knowledge and understanding to other staff to help them to deliver high standards of patient care.

Veena started to develop strong links with the university which placed students into her department for training. She says she found it easy to put herself in their shoes because she remembered what it was like to be student and how different practice compared to the theory she was taught.

She began giving lectures, eventually becoming a qualified mentor and realised that the benefits of mentoring were powerful.

After a couple of years, Veena was appointed a Clinical Learning Facilitator, which meant that her post was dedicated to undergraduate training for students and learners in the practice placement environment.

With a qualification in mentorship, image interpretation and now with a post graduate certificate in Interprofessional practice education, Veena supports learners in a compassionate, meaningful and reflective way. She says she loves teaching and guiding students in a way that get the best out of them, so that they can become caring and professional healthcare workers.

Veena now works across three sites at the University Hospitals of Leicester, so she work with lots of other professionals in healthcare as well.

“Mostly though,” she says, “I am lucky enough to support learners, enabling them to deliver high standards of care, whilst having an enriched experience throughout their time in the clinical environment.”

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