College of Radiographers Assessors and Advisors

College of Radiographers (CoR) Assessors are experienced academic and clinical radiographers appointed to assess course submissions, education providers (academic or clinical departments), practice placements and applications from individuals for accreditation.

Advisors are experienced assessors, who may also be members of the Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB). They are appointed to assist in the implementation of CoR policies and procedures. Such appointees represent the Approval and Accreditation Board in providing advice on the development and consideration of course proposals and the facilities and resources required.

Each assessor/advisor may become involved in one or a combination of activities at any one time, for example, programme approval and practice placement assessment and accreditation of an education provider. An advisor/assessor may be asked to consider an individual course or the totality of clinical imaging and oncology education provision being offered by the education provider.

Advisors/ assessors are able to work as part of, or in parallel to, education providers’ own internal and external procedures; and in accordance with other external agencies or bodies as appropriate.

CoR representatives do not approve programmes, practice placements, institutions or an individual's accreditation. However, they will make recommendations to the AAB for approval and accreditation, which may then be forwarded to the College Board of Trustees for ratification.

The College of Radiographers Register of Assessors

The College of Radiographers maintains a Register of Assessors.  Persons meeting the criteria set by the Approval and Accreditation Board (see the document downloads section below) are encouraged to apply. All applications are reviewed by an AAB panel, which seeks to ensure a balance of expertise in education and scope of clinical practice across all areas of clinical imaging and oncology and the different academic levels.

How to apply to become a registered College of Radiographers Assessor 

Experienced radiographers at the cutting edge of service delivery and education provision are needed to act as assessors for the College of Radiographers. 

Radiographers who are leading the service in their specific areas of practice are required to ensure that programmes being developed by education providers and approved by the College of Radiographers meet the developing needs of the service at all levels of practice and that individuals being accredited by the organisation have the necessary skills and knowledge. This provides an excellent opportunity for personal development. 

To become an assessor, an individual would need to provide evidence that they meet the criteria required. A copy of the criteria can be accessed in the document downloads section below.

If you believe you meet the criteria and would like to apply to become a College assessor, please download and complete the following application form in the document downloads section below.

For further information, or return of your completed application form, please contact the Approval & Accreditation Administrator by email: [email protected]

Once we have received an application form, it will be sent to be scrutinised by a panel. You will receive acknowledgement that your application has been received and will be advised of the outcome as soon as it becomes known.

If your application is successful, you will be expected to attend the one-day training and update event that the Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB) organises for new assessors. The training and update day aims to clarify the role and responsibilities as a College of Radiographers' Assessor, ensures you understand the approval, endorsement and accreditation processes. There will also be an opportunity to discuss how best to complete an assessor report. The event is held once a year.