Advanced Practitioner

The advanced practitioner category encompasses the considerable depth and breadth of radiographic practice.

In 2017 the term ‘advanced clinical practice’ was defined by Health Education England  (HEE) and a framework developed to standardise this level and that of consultant level practice across all non-medical professions.


‘Advanced Clinical Practice is delivered by experienced registered healthcare practitioners.  It is a level of practice characterised by a high level of autonomy and complex decision-making.  This is underpinned by a masters level award or equivalent that encompasses the four pillars of clinical practice, management and leadership, education and research, with demonstration of core and area specific clinical competence.

Advanced Clinical Practice embodies the ability to manage complete clinical care in partnership with patients/carers.  It includes the analysis and synthesis of complex problems across a range of settings, enabling innovative solutions to enhance patient experience and improve outcomes.’

Predominantly, advanced practice relates to expert clinical practice in association with one or more other functions:

  • Management and leadership;
  • Education;
  • Research and service development.

At this level, practitioners have developed expert knowledge and skills in relation to the delivery of care in diagnostic imaging or radiotherapy and oncology in a wide range of care settings or environments.
For non-clinical fields of practice, the model is similar, supporting career development for radiography managers, researchers and academics.  A key feature of an advanced practitioner is that they are enabled to develop innovative practice and to identify where service and quality improvements can be achieved.

Multidisciplinary working
The advanced practitioner will be an integral member of the radiography team, but will also interact with the relevant multidisciplinary teams to ensure delivery of high quality, effective care.

Non-clinical advanced practitioners
Advanced practitioners with research, management or academic roles are expected to deliver efficient and effective services within their domains.
For more on the role of advanced practitioners, see the document Education and Professional Development: New Directions.

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