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Practice Educator Accreditation Scheme (PEAS)

The College of Radiographers’ (CoR) Practice Educator Accreditation Scheme (PEAS) offers those involved in facilitating practice-based learning in clinical imaging and oncology the opportunity to be recognised and developed through an accreditation system. 

The accreditation scheme for practice educators has been enhanced in 2021/22, with clear links to the College’s Education and Career Framework. 

Applications for CoR practice educator accreditation are assessed against the 12 Learning Outcomes as defined within the Practice Education Guidance (2016) produced by the Health and Care Professions (H&CP) Education Leads Group, of which the Society and College of Radiographers is a member, in collaboration with the National Association of Educators in Practice (NAEP) and the Council of Deans of Health (CoDH). 

They give the following definition of a practice educator:

A practice educator is usually a registered professional who supports learners in the workplace. They facilitate practice education alongside clinical and academic colleagues. In addition, the practice educator is likely to hold responsibility for signing off competency and assessment criteria, based upon the standards produced by the education provider and relevant professional body; although it is recognised that local models of delivery and assessment will apply.

A practice educator is not a link lecturer, supervisor, or mentor though some elements of the roles may overlap. Rather, it is those named individuals undertaking the lead role in facilitating practice education alongside clinical and academic colleagues.  Generally, it is the practice educator who holds overall responsibility for ensuring that the contributing elements of a practice education placement cover all relevant learning outcomes (Health and Care Professions, 2016). It is recommended that practice educators are formally educated and trained for their role, and are accredited by the College of Radiographers (SCoR 2022).

Accreditation process

Applications for accreditation as a practice educator can be made through CPD Now

Once awarded CoR PEAS accreditation lasts for five years. It is open to all Society and College of Radiographers’ members who meet the requirements of the scheme.

Successful completion of the scheme enables the practice educator to receive recognition of their professional status as an accredited practice educator.  Successful applicants will receive a certificate in acknowledgement of their accreditation status, downloadable from CPD Now, containing a digital badge in reference to their achievement.

Routes to Accreditation

There are two routes to initial accreditation as a practice educator:

  1. College of Radiographers’ approved qualification route
  2. CPD / Non-approved qualification route


Those already holding CoR PEAS accreditation should apply via a third separate route for reaccreditation at the end of their five-year period to renew their accreditation status.

The requirements for PEAS accreditation vary depending on the route selected. Further details of the various routes can be found within the Practice Educator Accreditation Scheme: Guidance for Applicants document.