Assistant practitioner accreditation

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In This Section

Page last updated 12th April, 2022

Temporary hold on applications

Please note: we are currently undertaking significant work to the CPD Now platform and accreditation schemes to make everything more user-friendly for members. 

Part of the development work includes reviewing the processes and requirements of the accreditation scheme for assistant practitioners. Therefore, we have put a temporary hold applications for assistant practitioner accreditation and re-accreditation until the new process is in place. 

As at April 2022, work on revising the accreditation scheme remains ongoing.


The College of Radiographers has developed a process of accreditation for individuals practising as Assistant Practitioners in clinical (diagnostic) imaging, radiotherapy, breast screening and other areas of practice, including the Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) screening programme.

The Society and College of Radiographers, in upholding its duty to the public, has implemented a Public Voluntary Register of Assistant Practitioners (PVRAP). Assistant practitioners can apply for accreditation of their scope of practice on the basis of having successfully completed a College of Radiographers (CoR) approved course of education and training or by the submission of CPD evidence via CPD Now. 

The PVRAP, along with the accreditation process, has been developed to ensure that those engaged in clinical imaging or radiotherapy have been appropriately educated and trained for their role.

Why should I apply for accreditation?

It is important that your qualifications, knowledge, experience and practical skills are recognised by colleagues and service users. There is growing emphasis on the need for healthcare practitioners to have clear evidence of their skills and competence. 

Accreditation by the professional body can provide this assurance.

Application process

Applications for accreditation as an assistant practitioner can be made through CPD Now.  Accreditation lasts for two years. There are two methods of initial accreditation; which route you use depends on the assistant practitioner programme or qualification you have undertaken.

If you are unsure whether or not your course is approved, please contact the education provider.

How applications are assessed

As at April 2022, work is ongoing to finalise asessment processes.


As at April 2022, work is ongoing to finalise re-accreditation requirements.

Current members of the Society of Radiographers

There is no accreditation fee for members of the Society of Radiographers. Accreditation, CPD Now and support through the accreditation process are provided as a benefit of membership. 

The professional indemnity insurance arrangements for radiographic assistants are not sufficient to cover the range of practice and clinical responsibilities of assistant practitioners.

Considering joining the Society of Radiographers?

If you join the Society of Radiographers you will have to achieve accreditation before you can be given accredited assistant practitioner membership status. You will join as a ‘radiographic assistant’ until you achieve accreditation.

You can find information about joining the Society of Radiographers here.