Accredited AP register

The College of Radiographers (CoR) has developed a process of accreditation for those individuals practising as Assistant Practitioners in clinical (diagnostic) imaging, radiotherapy, breast screening and other areas of practice, including the abdominal Aortic Aneurysm screening programme.

Accreditation by the CoR requires the individual to agree to have their name entered on a public voluntary register. This register enables members of the public to confirm that the Assistant Practitioner undertaking their examination or treatment is appropriately trained and qualified.

To search for an individual, please enter the surname into the search box. This will identify all individuals with that surname, along with the location of their workplace and their scope of practice; ie clinical imaging, radiotherapy, mammography etc.

To protect individuals, only limited information can be viewed, and it is not possible to search on any criteria other than a known surname. The register is updated daily and those individuals who cannot demonstrate that they have maintained their accreditation may be removed from the register.

Any enquiries regarding this register should be directed to [email protected]

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