Expert witnesses Application Form


Thank you for applying to be registered on the SCoR "Expert Witness" List. Please have the following information to hand to complete this application:
• Workplace details;
• Details of any current registration, and
• Qualification details.

It may not be possible to save a draft version and the form will need to be completed at one attempt. If constrained by time please submit essential contact details and provide as much information as you can. We will make contact with you if the form is incomplete and discuss best routes to completion.

GDPR Statement
We, the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR), ask for the details in this online form to administer and manage the registrant's inclusion on the "Expert Witness" List. Your name, contact email and areas of expertise will be shared, when appropriate, with those who contact the SCoR and who are in need of an "Expert Witness." In addition, your personal details will be held on servers hosted and secured by third parties on behalf of SCoR.
Our lawful basis for processing your information is to manage your registration and fulfil our legitimate interest as a professional body. We will retain all information you submit for the duration of your membership of the Society of Radiographers.

For detailed information about how we use your information please see
By completing this online form you are giving your consent for the personal data you provide to be processed by the SCoR, and other individuals or organisations required to process your request.

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Please use digits only!

When inputting your Registration Number, please use digits only!
For example if your registration number is RA12345, please just type 12345.

Please state areas of practise that you would consider yourself to be an "Expert Witness" and in which you would be prepared to act if contacted by solicitors acting for the plaintiff or defence in a civil action.
Specific case details are not necessary.