Expert Witnesses and the CoR List

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The College of Radiographers encourages suitably experienced members to apply to become an ‘expert witness’ in their specialty. It is important for patients, the NHS and the  profession that we have members who are able to offer an objective opinion on any particular case within their scope of practise.  We receive many requests from solicitors acting either for the plaintiff, NHS Trust or Health Board to provide an ‘expert’ report in an court approved format. ‘Expert witnesses’ work independently although ultimately they are responsible to the court and the judge in charge of any particular case. It is important work and can be very rewarding in terms of professional development for the member who is willing and able to take cases on. The College of Radiographers (CoR) maintains a list of expert witnesses to whom we will circulate details of cases as they come in. There is no requirement to take on a case if you do not wish to do so. There is a Glasscubes interactive on-line group available to members who are accepted on to the CoR’s expert witness list.

Is there any more information on what’s involved? 

Mark Solon of Bond Solon Wilmington, who provide training for expert witnesses, wrote an introductory article for Society of Radiographers (SoR) members explaining how to become an expert witness and what it involves.

Does the SoR’s Professional Indemnity Insurance apply?

Since October 1st 2018 the SoR’s Professional Indemnity Insurance no longer extends cover to expert witness work. Following a Supreme Court ruling it is possible for expert witnesses to be sued. Members are advised to obtain their own indemnity insurance for expert witness work  which can be obtained at reasonable cost via insurance brokers. We can also advise on where this indemnity insurance can be obtained.

What about training?

If accepted on to the CoR’s expert witness list we will invite you to a study day introducing you to the work of an expert witness, this is  usually held once a year in September or October. There is no fee for this study day. Although there is no mandatory requirement we would then recommend further training such as that offered by Bond-Solon in conjunction with Cardiff University. We cannot unfortunately cover the costs of additional courses outside of the study day. We would suggest that if interested in becoming an ‘expert witness’ application is made to the list and you will then be in a position to decide about future training after attending the annual introductory study day.

Becoming an Expert Witness

Interested in finding out about expert witness work? When is it appropriate for one to become an expert witness? What are the duties and responsibilities of an expert witness and how does one find work in this area? All these questions and more are answered in a short video presented by Nick Deal, Barrister and Bond Solon Trainer.

Please click here to access the recording.

How do I apply?

If you would like to apply, please submit the application form. Before applying, please make sure that the following information is on hand to complete the application:
• workplace details
• details of any current registration (it is not a requirement to be statutorily registered)
• details of qualifications

Please complete the application form as fully as you can and submit. There is no application fee. All applicants will receive a response whether successful or not.
If you have any enquiries about the CoR List, please contact  us via [email protected]