Application for programme/placement approval form

Application for programme/placement approval

It is essential that applicants give us as much notice as possible. You are welcome to submit this form before your course documentation is completed, however, this may lead to delays in the approval process.

This form should be used by all education providers seeking College of Radiographers (CoR) approval for:

Programmes not leading to eligibility to apply for registration as a Radiographer e.g. those leading to voluntary registration as a CoR Accredited Assistant Practitioner.
Pre-registration programmes (undergraduate or postgraduate).
Practice placement increases/new placement sites in respect of pre-registration programmes.
Post-registration programmes including those leading to CoR accreditation as a Practice Educator.
Short courses or individual modules not leading to an award.

Further information on approval can be found here:

Approval and Accreditation Board deadlines and dates can be found here:

Education providers seeking CPD Now endorsement for study/CPD events or resources see the information here:

A separate application must be completed for each programme, i.e. One for BSc (Hons) Diagnostic Imaging, one for BSc (Hons) Radiotherapy, one for FD Mammography.

Please list each module on a separate line