CPD endorsement

Events, programmes, short courses

In this section

In This Section

CPD Endorsement: Events, programmes, short courses

The College of Radiographers standards for CPD are outcome based, not ascribing a point system or unit of time. CPD is intended to result in an outcome of learning that maintains or develops practice.

An event, programme, or short course that has been endorsed by the College of Radiographers has demonstrated that the content meets the professional body’s required standards for Continued Professional Development (CPD) and a number of core CPD Now outcomes.

CPD Now is the College of Radiographers online CPD portfolio system. Endorsement is awarded by the College’s Approval and Accreditation Board.

CPD Now endorsement is applicable for study days, conferences, events etc. that are not credit bearing (for example, PgC, PgD) and do not confer competence. 

If your provision intends to confer competence please apply for short course approval.

Endorsement is valid for two years although any substantial changes to a programme during the two year period would require re-submission.

On completion of the endorsement process event organisers are entitled to use the CPD Now endorsed logo on publicity, workbook and reflection materials and also on attendance certificates.

A form of words that indicate which CPD Now outcomes the event has been endorsed as helping learners to meet may also be used. Further information is forwarded to organisers of events once an application has been successfully reviewed.

The College of Radiographers has a flexible pricing structure and NHS/Private providers who organise small group events, for example student tutorials and learning sessions where attendees do not pay a registration fee are encouraged to contact [email protected] for discussion and details. Discounts are available to those who wish to endorse a large number of events or resources; please contact [email protected].

The College of Radiographers accepts payment by cheque/bankers draft, BACS, or credit card. We are happy to invoice on receipt of a purchase order in favour of the College of Radiographers and confirmation of where to direct the invoice. We are unable to review applications unless payment has been received or agreed with evidence of a purchase order.

Please note that all endorsement applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the endorsement being required but preferably as soon as the event details are finalised.

We endeavour to complete all applications in a timely manner and this is dependent upon staffing; last minute applications, for example three days prior to the event, are not guaranteed to be completed.

We are unable to review applications for events and activities that have already taken place.

Standard fees

NHS/Private Provider small group event

Contact [email protected]

SoR National Council and Regional Committee

No fee

Standard Fee

£267.75 + VAT

SoR Industry Partnership Scheme

25% discount on standard fee or 40% discount on 10 or more courses. 

NHS Trusts and Universities

£105.00 + VAT

University & Education Provider with Inclusive annual fees package

Entitled to up to 10 applications per academic year with no further charge.

Application for endorsement

  • Create an endorsement account via link
  • If you are not already registered.
  • When registered, log in to the account here - the password can be reset from the same page.
  • Add new or manage existing applications from the Home page.
  • When new applications are complete remember to press the “submit” icon to send the application to the College of Radiographers for review.
  • Pay the endorsement fee. Cheques made payable to The College of Radiographers. Please post to The Education Department, The Society and College of Radiographers, 207 Providence Square, Mill Street, London, SE1 2EW. To send a purchase order number or request BACS information please contact [email protected] Alternatively purchase orders can be uploaded and submitted as an attachment to the application.  Finally, we can accept payment by credit or debit card, please request the link.
  • We will acknowledge applications and payment. We will also contact you when the application has been considered.

Hints and tips for endorsement application

  1. Submit at least 6 weeks before the event but preferably as soon as the event is finalised.
  2. Proof read the submission – spelling mistakes made in the title of the event, name of organisers etc. will display on material provided for delegates.
  3. Copies of purchase order, agenda, learning materials, programme etc. can be uploaded and attached to the application.
  4. The CoR welcomes and encourages applications for endorsement of CPD that clearly consider the viewpoints and outcomes of patients attending diagnostic services and/or radiotherapy. When designing your event or resource please take into account patients/service users/carers as well as staff groups. Do the learning objectives that you list for this CPD contribute toward patient experience and/or outcome? If no, please explain why you have not included this in your application?

Reasons for deferral

An application may be deferred if a decision cannot be reached about endorsement; commonly the reason will fall into one of the following categories.

  1. Agenda – a simple list of times and names does not allow adequate consideration of the session; what are the sessions about? Who is the person delivering the session or experience; is the topic an area of interest to them? Do not use abbreviations or acronyms; the reviewer may not recognise abbreviations, depending upon specialty.
  2. Learning objectives – the learner should be able to read the learning objectives and know what they and/or their patients and service would gain from attending the session. What will attendees have learned by the end of the session?
  3. Reflection – learners must be encouraged to evaluate and reflect upon their learning. Evaluation refers to the learners’ assessment of themselves, their learning, their practice and any actions to be taken – it is not simply an evaluation of the study day or event.
  4. Advice to support further study - how will the resource encourage a full cycle of CPD in terms of onward study or learning, for example, is there an online discussion group, website, list of references or onward courses that the learners can be signposted towards.

Advertising your event, programme, or short course

This link will take you to frequently asked questions about advertisement of courses etc.

The page provides instructions about how to add a notice of an upcoming event to the website and other methods of advertising. If you have CPD Now endorsement then be sure to highlight that you have endorsement approval in your description of the event. Also, including the learning objectives that were listed in your endorsement submission will be useful for potential applicants to consider.

Core CPD Now outcomes

CPD resources are endorsed against one or more of the core CPD Now outcomes. The outcomes are:

1.     Practical skills

2.     Knowledge base

3.     Work safely

4.     Legal/ethical frameworks or guidance

5.     Communication skills

6.     Manage knowledge/information

7.     High-quality health care/education services

8.     Patient centred care and choice

9.     Inter-professional/agency working or learning

10.  Leadership/management skills

11.  Workforce development or staff governance

12.  Service design

13.  Financial planning

14.  Support and guidance for learners

15.  Understanding/application of teaching, learning and/or assessment

16.  Curriculum design, planning and development

17.  Widening participation in education/recruitment and retention of learners

18.  Integration of education and employment

19.  Evidence to support practice

20.  Knowledge and skills in audit/research

21.  Contribute published research evidence

22.  Further the profession

23.  Professional body/trade union